Trip to New Zealand and Australia


Down town Aukland

Native Mauri's cultural center

hot spring's and guyser

traditional danceing

prince sings to princess

native hut for storing food

sheep shearing

20 different kinds of sheep

did you notice the sheep dog

The view from our hotel window

Took steamship across lake for dinner

Sheep ranch

did I say sheep shearing

Jet boat ride up river

On way to Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Our tour guide in santa hat

Trolley ride with gourmet dinner

happy stomachs

trip to see the penguins come ashore

A gyro in the wild

Agourmet dinner in a rock quarry

did anyone see a camel go by

ayers rock

Train ride to the rain forest

look, a kangaroo

kuchi kuchi

more kangaroo's

an emu

we are holding a real live koala

The skyrail back to the bottom

Gourmet dinner in revolving restaurant in the sky

Opera house and bridge

Opera house at night

Bondi beach

more happy stomachs

Group photo of bus tour gang