Photo Gallery for Antarctica Trip

This is a map of our trip

This our hotel in Santiago

Statues from Easter Island

The presidential palace

Keep out you stinking turists

Treasury building

Eastern Santiago

Lunch and a show

Arrived a the ship

View of downtown Ushuaia

Where the world ends and everything begains

Our cabin for the trip

Whales ho!

Welcome to Falkland Islands

Our first Penguins

A walk downtown

The church

Christmas party complete with Santa.

All ashore

Our first Fir seal pup

A short walk to that first hill

The long walk from that first hill

I'm pooped

Whaling station at Stromness

Shackletons grave

Old whaling ship

whale oil tanks

The gift shop

The church

Gold Harbour

A hundred seals

Two hundred thousand penguins

Did you see those red breasted penguins?

Hello there

How much are pictures?

Too much

I saw her first!

I'm cute!

No! I saw her first

Do you have cookies?

Is that a cookie

Have you seen my brother?

Woo! Its cold

Drygalski Fjord

Look! More penguins

Its an Adelie Penguin, we'll call him Bob.

No, I'm not your mother

I fell in the sewage treatment pond


Humpback whales

Orca Whales

Elephant Island

Sunrise over Antarctica.

We went ashore on the Antarctic continent at Paradise Bay.

We walked up the hill for a panorama view.

Then we slid down the hill on our butts.

More iceburgs

Back to the boat

New Years dinner party.

MMMM, those icecubes look good.


More iceburgs

Leopard seals

Lockroy Station and giftshop

Are you wearing your birthday suit?

Feeding time

100 year old whale bones

Mikkelson Harbour

We're looking for caves

Who's up for a swim?

Not me!

The kids loved it

Back in Ushuaia we went to the national park on the way to the airport.

Did you see a wabbit? The end.