This was our headquarters while in Peiking for first two days.

Diane standing at the gate to enter the Great Wall of China.

This is us standing on the great wall.

These 3 pictures are the Emperers summer palace and the man made lake.

We Have flown to Xian where we visit the Tarra Cotta soldiers. There are over 6,000 of them, all different.

This is our hotel in Xian. Its 5 stars.

This is the Budda temple in Xian.

The city wall of Shaanxi.

The next 35 pictures were taken along the Yangtze river as we did a 3 day cruise to the dam.

Fendu...the City of Ghosts. Sacred to the Chinese people because most of their temples were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.

Water guages....the Three Gorges Dam will back the water up to the yellow marker and entire cities will be underwater!

Ancient Chinese grafitti....who knows what is says!

The three gorges ...up close.

We saw a family of monkeys in the bushes on the steep ravines.

As the gorge gets narrower, we move to smaller sanpans.

The dining room on the river cruise.

The next 8 pictures are the Three Gorges Dam.

These are the locks at Three Gorges Dam. They hold way bigger ships than Panama and fill extremely quickly.

Up close on the lockes filling.

This is where all the surplus concrete in the world has gone!

We visit a farming family just outside Wuhan.

These 4 pictures were taken in Tienanmen Square.

The next 19 pictures were taken inside The Forbidden City.

We had lunch at the World famous Pieking Duck Restaurant.